Film Your Issue

Youth Speak Up, Leadership Listens!

Age 8-22. Any Country, Any Issue, Up
To 4 Minutes.



Youth Speak Up

Your Voice Matters!

What Issue Burns For You?  We Want to Hear It!

You can be a part of making a Difference!

A chance to tell your issues to the World Leaders on our VIP Jury.

Hugh Jackman

Colin Powell

Senator John McCain

Leaders From

Your Voice Matters!

World Leaders will be watching and listening to your concerns as we relaunch this iconic initiative.

You can be a part of making a difference!

A chance to tell your issues to World leaders. VIP Jurists include Hugh Jackman, Colin Powell, Senator John McCain, and leaders in media and technology, the arts, government and non-profit.
Film Your Issue has relaunched its record-breaking youth challenge for short videos on contemporary issues that matter to young people in the U.S., Canada and around the world.
We are not looking for whiz filmmakers. It’s about your own voice, originality, and the power of your message. Even video recording on a smartphone is fine. We want to know what issues are burning for youth. We want to encourage young people to be involved in current issues, to understand that their unique voice matters, that their voice can make a difference, and that leadership is listening to them.

Who Can Participate

Anyone age 8 to 22 at the time of video submission, from any country.


Try to keep it under 4 minutes.  For maximum impact and engagement by Judges and public, 3 minutes is optimal.  But we’re not setting firm length rules. It’s about impact.


Your choice:
Any format that gets your issue across, including:
  • narrative-style with multiple cuts, edits, storyline and script;
  • directly talking to camera with webcam or smartphone.
  • music video-style, with music, lyrics and images.
  • animation
Remember: No gratuitous profanity, nudity, violence, personal or partisan attacks.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Submitting Your Video Is Easy!

Entries will be accepted anytime after March 15.
  1. Register online at
  2. Upload your film to FilmFreeway Our editorial team will share select uploaded videos during the submission process on our own YouTube page. That process is separate from the judges voting, and will not affect their decisions.

The Voting Period

From all entries received by the deadline of midnight, May 28, 2018, approximately two to three dozen films will be selected by the Film Your Issue team to continue to the finals. The semi-finalists will be submitted to the VIP Judges and the Film Your Issue ThinkTank, which will select the FYI 2018 Jury Prize winners.

Announcement and Prizing

Mid June 2018
The finalists will be showcased by USA TODAY, and all finalists and semi-finalists will be posted on the Everyone Matters YouTube channel, with 45 million views.  VIP Judges who are active on social media and have expressed an interest will share favorite videos, at their discretion.

Who We Are

Among the famous public figures who will be viewing, judging and sharing their favorites from video submissions are our favorite Wolverine Hugh Jackman, Senator John McCain, General Colin Powell, the leadership of the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Smithsonian, The United Nations, The National PTA, The Girl Scouts, and others.

Film Your Issue Team

President and Founder
HeathCliff Rothman
Film Your Issue Team
Patty McLain
David Gaz, The Bureau of Small Projects
John McHale, Illinois State University
Richie Vernillo
Cristin French